Leunix Freelance Software Development

Need a VR, AR or web-site project? Look here first.

My dad's website.

Oozing Goo, The Lava Lamp Syndicate

About everyone makes fun of my adoration of lava lamps. I don't care at all, I simply like them a lot :)


Jay Woelfel

Website of B-movie director director/composer/producer Jay Woelfel, director of my personal B-movies like Trancers 6, Ghost Lake, Unseen Evil, Iron Thunder and Closed For The Season. Site contains great background information about all of his movies.

The Cinema Snob

The Cinema Snob movie review vlog

The Nostalgia Critic

Doug Walker's movie review vlog

Full Moon Features

Charles Band's current B-movie studio webshop

The Asylum

Studio that brought us mockbusters like Transmorphers, The Day The Earth Stopped, Alien vs Hunter, Android Cop, Snakes On A Train, etc. Nowadays especially known for Sharknado and Z-Nation.



Atari was my favorite manufacturer of consoles and arcade machines. Atari Jaguar: DO THE MATH!

The Colonel's Bequest

My favorite adventure game of all time, released back in 1989 by Sierra On-Line.