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Hi-Fi / Music

I am one of those persons that care a lot about the quality of both the music and the equipment that plays back the music. I took the first steps on this hobby around 2010, but as of 2017 I've taken it more seriously. Since then, I've selected my hi-fi equipment carefully.

One of my favorite aspects of the hi-fi hobby is that it's so personal. What works for me (equipment that I like), may not work for you. At all. Or vice-versa. It takes some dedication, energy and experience to find, buy and mix and match a complete system that is fully to your liking.

When you pick up this hobby, you'll learn a lot during the journey. You'll buy some things that gets rave reviews in magazines, but turns out not matching with your personal taste. You learn from mistakes and start auditioning in shops (and for lord's sake, do not buy the auditioned equipment cheaper from the Internet afterwards!) and learn from the expertise of your dealer.

Every time you purchase something that you turn out liking, you're one step closer to your "ultimate system". This will repeat for your entire life (or how long the hobby keeps your interest).

My choices

I'm into several aspects of the hi-fi hobby.

Currently my interests mainly are in the following areas (I intend to write a dedicated article on each listed entry later):

  • Traditional hi-fi equipment (amplifiers, speakers, audio-streamers)
  • Head-fi (headphones, headphone amplifiers)
  • Modern app-controlled streaming wi-fi speakers

Music that I play, is often played via one (or more..) of the following methods, listed in my prefered order:

  • Vinyl (I'm in love with the analog sound of vinyl)
  • High-res audio streaming from hi-fi audio streaming services
  • Playback of local DSD files